Smemersons Bike Together!

Well, I had hoped to write a post a week and I have already fallen off the blogging wagon. But I have an excuse! My students all turned in their papers at the same time, which means I had two weeks to grade and comment on 125 freshman papers.  It’s been rough guys… I am writing this in the short calm before the next grading storm, and while I won’t make this post about my grading complaints, I will say this: Grading has driven me to drink many times over the past two weeks, and If I have to read another paper that begins with “In today’s society…” Geoffrey may need to start brewing something stronger than beer.

Smemerson’s bike together!


A few weeks ago, we got bikes! Parking is a big problem on UA campus, and parking passes run something like a million dollars, so Geoffrey and I currently share one parking pass. This works out on the days our schedules coincide, but most of the time, we can’t drive to work together.  We solved this problem, at first, by renting a bike from the University.  Unfortunately, we did not know, that when demand went up as the school year got started, we would be unable to renew.  A few weeks ago, an unsuspecting Geoffrey rode his rented bike in to be renewed and they wouldn’t give it back!  After much wailing and rending of clothing, we decided it was time to buy some bikes. I felt left out of the whole “brand new toy” thing, so we both got bikes. Now, we pretty much ride them everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean work and the neighborhood bar; we really don’t go to a lot of places. So here is our newest form of transportation!

images (3)download (1)

On our first excursion together, we learned that Geoffrey’s wheel circumference is larger than mine, and therefore, his bike goes faster. The first time this happened,I scolded him by shouting “Smemerson’s Bike Together!” Geoffrey responded by sticking his tongue out at me, then pedaled on ahead. Now, it is my mantra every time we travel together on our bikes. If you are in Tuscaloosa, you will likely see us, cycling “in formation” to the bar.

Smemersons Bike Together

Speaking of booze, Geoffrey’s newest batch of Oktoberfest is almost done! It will be ready right on time for Halloween, which means we will be drinking Geoffrey’s homemade beer in our awesome, homemade Halloween costumes. I predict an extremely entertaining post-Halloween blog entry, complete with pictures in our future!

Wedding Talk:

There are several reasons I don’t want a big wedding

1. Asking all our family and friends to travel to some boring, non-destination wedding location seems a bit extreme.

2. The idea of planning a big shindig doesn’t sound like my idea of fun; in fact, I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it.

And finally, I’m a wedding planning slacker.

Stuff I’ve got covered so far:

  • We are probably tying the knot in late May/ early June
  • We are probably having an immediate family only ceremony in Conway, AR
  • We want to have a super casual/ informal celebration in both Conway and Wisconsin post ceremony.
  • We WILL have awesome beer koozies at our wedding…

Obviously my priorities are a bit skewed…

images (4)

Stay tuned for information regarding a Smemerson party in a location near you!


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