So, I know it’s been a long time but…

*I wrote this post, but while helping me proofread, Geoffrey put in a few tidbits of his own. He generously left you all a key to figure out the difference between us below:

Key:    Liz’s words

[Geoffrey’s 2 cents]

I think my last entry on this thing was in May of 2014. When I didn’t post anything new, I know that you all probably felt like I did when I ran out of Game of Thrones books to read just as the season finale ended (because my blog is just like GoT except without all the gore, death, royalty, dragons and Peter Dinklage). Okay, so my blog is nothing like GoT except that perhaps you read it while you are stuck in a waiting room or procrastinating. That’s how I read GoT or more accurately listened to GoT, so I feel like maybe you were stuck somewhere boring and while you surfed around Facebook for something to read or comment on, discovered I hadn’t written anything new in 1000 years (much like George R.R. Martin), and were slightly disappointed. Well, here I am to make you slightly less bored or maybe equally as bored as you were before with some news about Team Smemerson. Also, here’s some Peter Dinklage:

images (1)

Ironically, I haven’t updated the blog with Smemerson news, because we’ve had SO much going on. Instead of regaling you with the intimate details of each thing that happened, I’ll post a sort-of brief timeline here:

May 2014: We got married…twice

  • May 19th we had a court house ceremony officiated by a guy named Ron. Long story short, Alabama marriage laws are IMPOSSIBLE for anyone who doesn’t want to get married in a church, and Ron is a very nice retired minister who likes to read his paper in the Birmingham court house.
  • May 23rd we had a ceremony with friends and family. Our friend ErSmemerson 2014-68ik officiated, Meredith and Stuart took the pictures you have probably seen on my Facebook page, Chris stood by to keep people from walking through the proceedings in the public park we were standing in, and immediate family came down to see it happen. We had readings from Calvin and Hobbes, John Donne, and an American Indian prayer, Erik said nice things about how much we loved each other, and surprise, we ended the whole thing with beers.
  • We went to Orange Beach for our honeymoon where we read a lot, played cards, and listened to Sph1932236_10100688793040571_5179902786374736393_nere by Michael Crichton (He is one of my favorite authors for vacations, because all his books are page turners and the way he writes women REALLY ticks me off). Geoff likes this too, because watching me yell at an audio book is entertaining in itself. Otherwise, we spent that time on the beach: me on a towel in the sand and Geoffrey in a tent protecting his Irish complexion from the sun.

August 2014: All the Emersons celebrated all the weddings with beer at the cabin in Wisconsin

  • You’ve probably seen pictures of this too, or maybe you were there. We flew up to the great frozen north, which wasn’t frozen at all because it was August [its right on the label: “not actually (always) frozen], and spent a good long while relaxing in the Emerson cabin by the lake, drinking beer, and setting things up for the party. Kent and Brenda also got married by a guy whose name probably wasn’t Ron in Tulsa, so we had a ceremony with them too. We topped off the week with a fantastic party with lots of people, food, drinks, and merriment. Also, Geoffrey and I went to the Mall of America (where I went on a fruitless search for the female scientist Legos at the Lego store) and the aquarium [I can’t believe she wasn’t in the aquarium either].

Later in August 2014: The semester started; I taught five classes (with three preps and over 150 students), and I don’t feel guilty at all about not keeping up with the blog.

December 2014: We traveled a lot

  • Ireland: There are pictures all over Facebook, but to sum up the trip: We drank all the Guinness (no really, I’m pretty sure Ireland had to restock after we left), we ate tons of terrific food, we spent most of the time in Dublin and Galway, but made a day trip to Doolin to see the Cliffs of Moher, 10425403_891662947524124_429173696491770953_nand I told off a high school kid who, in a drunken episode, decided we were hiding a guy called Connor O’Malley in our room. PSA: Connor O’Malley, if you are reading this, your friend is looking for you. [and it seems to have been an emergency since he thought it necessary not only to kick the door, but to jump kick the door] [Also, Liz was cool as a cucumber and informed him straight away that we were just a family in that particular apartment.] It was my eerie calm and teacher voice that put the fear of God in him.
  • Arkansas: This trip was much less eventful, but we did spend Christmas proper in Arkansas with family. Even though we had a blast in Ireland, we were glad to get a break from Connor O’Malley and his ilk.

Sometime during spring 2015: Responsible adult decisions were made

  • I was accepted to a Ph.D program at UA in Higher Education Administration, applied for and got a Graduate Assistantship with UA Safe Zone. This means that someday not too far off, we will be the Dr.’s Emerson, and that’s pretty cool. Also, I get to spend the next four years or so learning to create, promote, and manage programs that help students get their education and find supportive communities in college, and that’s pretty cool too. [Hey Liz, try super cool-very proud of my wife]
  • We bought a house: Once I got into my program, we knew we’d be here for at least four more years, and rent is expensive. We started casually looking around to see if we could afford to purchase some smallish house near the University for less than we pay for rent now, and sure enough, we found a bright yellow, super cute, little home within biking distance of campus (don’t forget, Smemerson’s bike together!). Our house is old, and parts of it are weird; the people who owned it before took some creative, not all together legal DIY short cuts with repairs and renovations. Because that kind of stuff is our problem now, I’ve spent most of the summer at Home Depot. [It is weird, but it’s ours, and I can’t wait to live in it (I left for TN before we actually owned it)]

March 2015: A dog followed me and Maebe home on a run and decided to adopt us

  • I’ll probably write a whole post about Matilda “Tildie” someday, but for now, I’ll say that when she found me, she was emaciated, 11638928_10101016465397541_833309262_ocovered in giant ticks, and had an improperly healed hip injury that has since become a permanent disability. Despite all that, she is the sweetest, and everyone loves her, and if I ever meet the moron who abandoned, neglected and/or abused her, I will show him why Connor O’Malley’s friend was scared to walk down our hallway after he met me.

May 2015:

  • We moved into the house
  • Geoffrey left to spend 8 weeks in Knoxville, Tn to learn Latin. As it turns out, a lot of early modern science stuff was written in Latin, some of it hasn’t been translated into English, and Geoffrey gets some kind of nerd achievement if he can learn to translate it. UA doesn’t offer a graduate reading program in Latin, so they outsource people like him to the University of Tennessee. It’s almost time for him to come home now, and we are both ready for him to learn all the Latin already. Apart from Geoffrey learning a new language and doing good things for his career, the other good thing that has come out of this experience is that we both learned that, “velocius quam asparagi coquantur” means faster than asparagus is cooked, and that Geoffrey will be coming home velocius quam asparagi coquantur. [aahhh the passive voice] I’m assuming this “passive voice” thing is some inside joke for people who speak Latin.

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