Go Team Smemerson!

563119_928397731891_1644504607_nSince moving to Tuscaloosa, Geoffrey and I have realized a few things:

  1. We have friends and family all over the country
  2. Being engaged in a town where no one knew you before you were engaged is kind of anti-climactic.

This blog should serve two purposes:

  1. Keep the people we love informed about our lives in our new city
  2. Serve as a reminder to me that we are newly engaged; that this is exciting and we are not already an old married couple as our new Tuscaloosa friends have decided; and that we should probably figure out when, where, and how we are actually going to make this court house official in the next year or so.

Disclaimer: If I manage to keep this blog up and running, it will likely degenerate into tales of our weekly trips to the dog park, study sessions at Starbucks, and teaching woes within a few posts.  So, I’m going to apologize for that in advance.

Here’s the deal with the whole “Smemerson” thing:

The Huffington Post published “Meshing Last Names”  last year.


In this article, the Post discusses the appearance of a trend among new married couples in Britain.  Essentially, some couples are choosing to combine their last names to create a new, original name, something unique to them, but representative of their identities before getting hitched.  Of course, this option has always existed for couples, but it seems to really be catching on in the UK.  Because anagrams are fun, and because the silly possibilities are endless, I think these people are awesome.

If we take some of the most common US last names and combine them we get things like:

Robinson + Walker= Wabinson

Anyone who ever says their name gets to sound like the Priest from The Princess Bride.


Jackon + Harris = Hackson



Cooper + Howard= Coward or Hooper

“Hey! Let’s go skydiving with the Cowards!”


“Have you heard of the Hoopers?  They were both basketball state champs in college!”


As a result, I have affectionately combined our last names, Smith and Emerson, and Smemerson is what I came up with. Not only does it sound funny, it also is a better reflection of our yuppie, vegetable eating, glasses wearing, book worming family. Despite the fact that we don’t have the guts to really change our names to Liz and Geoffrey Smemerson, I like to think of us as TEAM SMEMERSON in informal events (trivia, min-golf, etc…). Our combo sur names also serve as a form of branding.  Expect to see Smemerson coffee mugs, t-shirts, and hats in a retailer near you!